Young Life Capernaum

Young Life Capernaum

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Profoundly Simple by Suzanne Williams

The sun was shining and my friend Molly was wildly playing air guitar to the High School Musical soundtrack as we drove around Nashville.  I decided at the end of the soundtrack that it was a great time to try and go a bit deeper with Molly, to see what she was thinking and how she was processing the things we had been talking about in club. 

The actual question that came out is irrelevant, while Molly's answer will never be forgotten.  She plainly said, "Jesus is in my heart and He loves me".  I agreed and pushed her a bit, knowing that tended to be Molly's pat answer.  Again, she replied with the same thing.  I reworded the question and tried again, again I got the same answer.  I kindly explained to Molly that I understood that, but I was really wondering what else she thought and tried again with the question, thinking maybe that she just didn't quite grasp what I was trying to say. 

She looked at me straight in the face and said "Suzanne, why can't it be enough for you that Jesus is in my heart and He loves me?" 

With that, she started the cd over and picked her air guitar back up, right where she left off.

I smiled and sat stunned.  She was right.  We live in a culture where life tends to be so complicated, so many questions, so much to think about, so many profound things to be pondered.  Yet we are loved by a God who certainly is profound but who calls us to be like little children. It was in that moment that God was reminding me that there may be far more profound in the simple than I ever knew. 

You are right Molly- it's enough, far more than enough.  I'm so glad that Jesus is in your heart and that He loves you... And me.

May this new year be one that is filled with profoundly simple moments.

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